Friday, March 29, 2013

Children Visited Bangalore by Aeroplane

As promised by our management to Mullaivendhan & Pratima who secured 82% marks in 10th Board Exams.last year,visited Bangalore by Aeroplane,they visited important places there,like Tipu Sultan Palace,Science Museum,Botanical Garden & few Temples.


Monday, March 11, 2013

Our Jeevan Prabhat Gandhidham and Pondicherry visit

 Our Jeevan Prabhat Gandhidham and Pondicherry visitDear All:

I am writing this letter to update you regarding our visit to JP Gandhidham and Pondicherry during the month of Feb. 2013. This was our third visit to Gandhidam and probably 9th visit to Pondicherry. We stayed in both campus for about three days.

For sure, the children are growing and we both (Sushma and myself)  had a separate meeting with all the children in the 9th grade and up.  It is our unwritten commitment to all those youth  who obtain  good grades, will  get full support  for their college education. 

At present about 10 children are ready for college education, including Jugna who is enrolled in Engineering college. Luckily the cost of college education is very reasonable and Jugna's education cost of $3500 is being taken care by Dinesh Agrawal ji, Houston, from this year onward.  Chaman Lal Jeevan Prabhat scholarship  provided by an anonymous donor of $ 2500 per year takes care of 5 children education.  So we should not have any difficulty to meet the college education expenses of Gandhidham children.

The campus is being managed in the most professional way. It is very apparent from the smiling  faces of the children. Chanting of Mantras and Sandhya by the children both in the morning and evening provide a vibrant energy and happiness to the visitors. I am very happy to report that Acharya Vachonidhi ji has very well  recognized the importance of the use of the computers and Internet. Donor from Detriot has provided new computers and  a proper computer room has been set up for the use by senior children.

The Arya Samaj team under the leadership of Bhai Purshotam ji and Vachonidhi is very very strong and that means more projects and more growth in every respect. The DAV school  is already a school of choice. In Gandhidham.The school building is of top notch quality and the goal is to complete the balance of construction by June of this year.

Our sincere thanks to Acharya ji  and Bhai Purshotam  ji for their hospitality. We enjoyed our stay and one day we had a sightseeing tour of Kutch White Run.  Arya Samaj Gandhidham is a model of unity and success and Mag God bless all the team members.

We  along with Achrya ji travelled very early morning to Ahmedabad and took flight  to  Chennai  and reached Pondicherry in the evening  along with our well wishers Prabhakran ji who joined us at Chennai Airpot. It is very evident why the state of Gujarat is way head of all others when you travel by road in Gujarat.

Prabhakran ji is of a great help to us as he understands, the Tamil culture and equally believes that JP children should reach their maximum potential. On his suggestion, even we went see the Principal of another School for our top students' admission but were disappointed to learn that they have no vacancy. The principal did  promised that she would give preference to JP children if any seat becomes vacant.

As usual, during our stay, we went to convey our thanks to all the 5 or 6 well wishers, families or institutions  with whom Madhu and Ranjan ji have set up very good relations.  All of them were very  complementary  about Ranjan and Madhu ji work. Their love and compassion for the children is much evident from the happy and smiling faces of the children.
The landscaping and entry road pavers just look great. The building painting issue will be resolved soon. My sincere thanks to Dr. Varma and Vishwanathan ji for their great help  who over the years provided help to correct the building deficiencies. During their this year visit, we also had the opportunity of meeting Shri Sham Agrawal and his family who is a generous donor to DAV school, Bangalore.  I am very hopeful that this family will be another blessing for our JP children.

Looking back, I just wondered how did we decide to build JPP so far away with no local Arya Samaj to provide support. There is no doubt we faced some uphill battles and surely, I can easily count a few. But divine help was with us all the way since our motives were noble.  Now, I feel totally relieved since every thing has come together and we are all set for a better futures for our children of 
Jeevan Prabhat.

My sincere thanks to our team members in India, Acharya Vachonidhi ji, Madhu and Ranjan ji, Prabhakran ji, and Dr. Varma and Vishwanathan ji and our US team; JP USA, board of directors, ASGH Management Committee  and Readathon team.  Readathon team did a great job again by raising $20,000  May God bless our all our donors and team members.

Devinder Mahajan
529 Trails End
Houston TX 77024